You Don’t Need to Sell Your Home to Avoid Climbing Stairs – CHAIR LIFT Solutions Make Sense Today

Are you or a loved one having trouble climbing stairs in your home? A stairlift might be the best way to provide the assistance you need for yourself, handicapped or elderly loved ones – to get up and down your stairs. Chair lifts today are convenient home stair lift systems that provide safe and easy ways to give anyone a lift – and provide elderly help with stairs.

Not long ago you may have simply put your home on the market and planned to move into a smaller single-level home without stairs. Chair lifts for stairs, or stair lifts were rarely considered good options. They were expensive, hard to install, and cumbersome.

With our current poor economy and depressed housing market, the option to move may not be feasible any longer. There are so many reasons to avoid selling your home now besides the effort and time to it can take to get your home market-ready quickly.

Instead you can have a home stair lift system installed in just a few weeks without any hassle on your part. Having reliable aid with a stair chair lift installed can save you the time, money, and hassle of moving to a home without stairs.

Stair lift manufacturers have modernized and automated the production of state-of-the-art home stair lift systems. The new motorized stair chair lifts can fit any staircase, indoors or out, without remodeling or pulling up carpeting.

New stair lift designs are available for stair chair lifts and perch stair lifts to carry you or your loved ones up and down your stairs safely, indoors or out. Narrow and curved staircases can be fitted too. The sturdy designs look great with any d├ęcor.

Newly designed remote controls make stair chair lifts easy-to-use. Most people now want a battery powered model stair lift instead of an electric stair lift to avoid power cords and connection issues around the stairs for everyone’s safety. Seat belts on the stairlift are available for added safety.

The perch stair lift design is recommended when sitting is harder than standing while going up and down stairs. Chair lifts fold up so even narrow staircases can be fitted with a sturdy stair lift.

Special outdoor models are available which are designed to withstand Mother Nature so you can also install them on outdoor stairs.

Enjoy Your Home Longer with the Help of a Home Stair Lift System

While it might be a problem selling your home and moving to avoid climbing stairs, it’s not a problem finding an easy way to get a lift up your stairs. Chair lift support might be the best answer for you and your family’s concerns about climbing stairs.

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Stair Chair Lift – Installation of an in Home Stair Chair Lift

Stair chair lifts are becoming a more common fixture in more and more homes, as our population ages and we have to accommodate the elderly or injured. Since scaling the stairs can be an impossible task for them, a stair chair lift becomes a much-needed and well-appreciated feature. Similarly, those in a power wheel chair or otherwise gravity-bound will also eventually need some sort of chair lift for stairs in order to comfortably access their home’s second floor.

Unlike other assistant devices such as a power wheel chair or a cane, stair chair lifts require proper installation. Before installing, you will first need to assess the suitability of the stair chair lift, both for your needs and the existing structure of your home. This would involve a stair chair lift installation person’s visit to your home, which usually lasts about an hour. During the visit, the stairs are measured and the layout scrutinized. Also, an electrical connection is verified or if unavailable, is established. Bear in mind that if wires need to be connected to the main power supply, many places in the United States require a certified electrician to do the work.

Now if all the prerequisites are in order, installation of your chair lift for stairs can begin. It is becoming a trend in the industry for customers ordering a straight  lift to install it by themselves. One review even said: “My son and I installed it Saturday in about 4 hours with him doing the “grunt” work while I enjoyed my coffee and read the instructions.”

Be sure to completely read the instructions that come with the lift before attempting to install it in your home. If, after reading the instructions, you don’t feel comfortable doing the installation, seek professional assistance which is usually available from your stair chair lift provider. Most people don’t even attempt to self-install a curved stair chair lift since these devices are much more complex to install and definitely require substantial installation.

Straight stair chair lifts are designed to allow self-installation, but it is strongly advised that the person installing it have sufficient mechanical aptitude and the skills and knowledge to complete the installation successfully. If you know that you are not that knowledgeable, it is always wiser and more appropriate to seriously consider the assistance of a trained installer who can accurately determine if your straight chair lift for stairs is being correctly installed or not. Now what seems to keep people from getting professional installation is the additional cost. However, if you think about it, you’ll realize that the risks and liabilities brought about by a poor job of self-installation could mean serious injury and even more expense than the savings realized from not hiring a trained installer. So be smart and be safe. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire someone who does. It’s worth the cost in the long run.