Pros and Cons of an Electric Stair Chair Lift Vs a Battery Powered One

There are two types of chair lifts; one that runs on electricity and the other that runs on battery power. In this article we will discuss the pro’s and con’s. The chair stair lift has but one purpose, and that is to make it easy and comfortable for a physically challenged person to get up and down the stairs. That is a good thing. However, knowing which kind to choose and why is a horse with different hair color. Having a chair stair lift in your house is a huge advantage and allows you the freedom to come and go like you are used to. But with every advantage there are some disadvantages so lets break down a few disadvantages and some advantages of owning an electric chair lift versus a battery powered one.

Below are 3 Disadvantages of Owning and Operating an Electric Stair Chair:

If you live in an area where there are frequent power outages, this could stabilize you because the electric stair chair wouldn’t operate. The electric chair lift runs off of your home electricity, therefore your electric bill will increase. The electric chair lift runs off of electricity, so if an power outage occurs the chair is unable to move until the power is restored, which could leave the disabled person in the dark or in a awkward location ( unless there is an emergency battery installed).

3 Advantages of owning and Operating an Electric Stair Chair:

  • Electric chair lifts are less expensive to purchase.
  • The electric chair lifts are more reliable
  • You don’t have to be concerned with replacing expensive batteries

3 Advantages of owning and Operating an Battery-Powered Stair Chair:

  • With owning a battery-powered chair lift it will not increase your home electric bill
  • The battery-Powered stair chair replacement batteries can last up to12-18 months
  • You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of the staircase from a power outage

There you have it, regardless to which type of chair stair lift you purchase there are some pro’s and con’s to each. There is no such thing as a trouble-free mechanical device. Your job is to find the one that may be the least troublesome overall. So, whether it is an electric or battery powered lift you should know basic information about your chair lift. If your chair is solely battery powered, you can not trust the bunny-rabbit… hoping that your chair lift keeps going and going and going, however… one day you have to know that the battery will eventually run out. You should know how and when to charge your batteries, remember your battery will need to be replaced every 18-24 months. (depending on frequency of use)

As with the case of the electric chair stair lift, one piece of information, that we did not mention above; your local government has requirements for the plug it uses, and some local building codes need a dedicated plug for the electric stair chair lift. There is also a backup use for the electric stair lift []. You should know where this is located and how to change it by yourself when needed. Most of the electric-lifts have a backup battery, just in case there is a power outage, however, as stated before, the biggest consideration is your electric bill and if you are on a fixed income as most disabled persons are, you will definitely have to weigh your options. Without doubt, to have a chair lift is a great investment that will give you pleasure and independence for years to come.

Stair Chair Lifts – Choosing The Right One

Consider Freedom and what that means to you. And no, this is not a political article. But freedom means lots of different things to lots of different people. For example, I look at freedom as a basic lifestyle thing – I can do what I want when I want. I have the financial, physical and emotional freedom to do that. But not everyone is in the same boat. Consider if you will, those people who don’t even feel free in their own home. Hampered by mobility issues, they can’t even climb the stairs to the upstairs level of their house. Literally, an entire floor of their home is off-limits to them. A stair chair lift can be the life-altering freedom that they need to be able to enjoy their entire home without having to pack up and move out.

A stair chair lift not only enhances the mobility impaired’s access, it can also improve safety for those who can climb the stairs, but don’t have good balance or strength. The stairlift can prevent the accidental falls and decrease the pain and stress that occurs to those afflicted with arthritis when they’re trying to scale the stair case.

When you’re looking to purchase a stair lift, you’ll need to determine the limits of your physical space. That is, where are your stairs located, how are they configured, how long/wide/steep/narrow are they.

There are all kinds of chair lifts out there in the marketplace – you’ll even find them for outdoor stairs, curved and spiral staircases as well.

Most lifts take up only a small footprint on the staircase that you’re looking to enhance, but be sure that when you’re shopping, you let the sales person know the dimensions you have available so that you can get the best fit for your situation.

You’ll also have to consider the size of the person you intend to be carried by the lift. Different stair lifts will be able to handle different weight capacities.

A smooth ride and easy stop are also important factors as most people that require a stair chair lift are not really looking for the teeth-popping thrills of an amusement park ride.

You’ll want to find one that has an easy to use remote control as well. Often times big buttons with good sized labels will make it easier for the infirm to use to control their ascent and descent.

You may even want to have extra control systems for the stair chair lift set up at the bottom or top (or both) of the staircase, because there may be times when you need to “call” the chair to the level that you’re on when the chair is not.

Of course, you’ll want to insure that you have the capability to shut the controls down so that children or pets can’t accidentally start it up and get hurt.

Most stair lifts will have hinged arm rests which provide stability for the rider, and a rotating seat to allow for easy loading and unloading of the passenger.

In general, your stair lift will use household current or a rechargeable battery. And you’ll want to make sure that there’s battery backup for when there’s a power failure.

Buying and installing a stair chair lift can create an independent life for someone who’s freedom has otherwise been curtailed by illness or injury. And with the multitude of options available, you’ll be able to set your loved one up to be able to truly enjoy their home and freedom and ultimately their independence.

Stair Chair Lift – Where Can I Get One?

As always, when you plan to buy a stair chair lift for installation in your home, the warranty as well as the repair, maintenance, and service cost are among the first considerations. Now when all these factors have been considered, and preparations are already said and done, what is apparently a complex and difficult task enters the mind: “Where to get a stair chair lift?” Which eventually will lead you to ask: “Where to find the right  manufacturer?” For most people, choosing the right stair chair lift can be a daunting task. But in reality, it isn’t as daunting of a task as it may seem.

The good thing is you do not really have to wade through all the lift manufacturers and vendors if you don’t want to. You can find a stair chair lift dealer close to your location and you’ll be able to consult with them regarding reputable manufacturers. They should have an overview of approved chair lifts for stairs from different companies detailed in comparison charts for you to compare and contrast. Your dealer can help you match your unique requirements with the manufacturer’s specifications in order for you to make the best decision. 

Ultimately, the best decision would mean that you have chosen a chair lift manufacturer that assures you that your safety is vital. Just like any medical equipment like power wheel chairs, bed lifts, etc.,, stair chair lifts are built to last with robust materials and safety features that meet established safety standards in the US and other countries around the world. Stair chair lifts are generally equipped with user friendly features, have some of the quickest installation times in the industry and are all backed by a warranty. Moreover, they will enhance your quality of life by opening up access to homes and business spaces that were previously inaccessible.
Adding to the survey you’ve made of the comparison charts at the dealer location, it is also a good idea to visit the websites of the different chair lift for stairs manufacturers. Their websites are dedicated to providing accurate information and  resources, and they pride themselves on offering advice to help the costumer make the right choice in purchasing a stair chair lift and even other assistive devices like power wheel chairs. With the comfort of just one click, you will get to know the manufacturer’s wide range of lift products displayed in different angles, even in 3D dimensions for a better view.
You will want to study the frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages regarding stair chair lift purchases and other related concerns, testimonials from other buyers, delivery, warranty, return policy and information on how to contact their offices. Thus, taking some time to read about the manufacturer through their website will be a big help for you to choose which of the chair lift for stairs best suits your needs.

Once you have decided on which lift fits your needs, you can coordinate with your dealer for them to contact the manufacturer’s order offices or go online and order yourself directly from a website. In most cases, the company will send a representative to your home in order to check on the location and kind of staircase that you are using so that they can suggest the most suitable stair chair lift and installation process for you. So finding the right stair chair lift is actually easier than you thought it would be.